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"We RKGITM, were earlier RKGITW (established in 2008) where we imparted technical education based on the philosophy of Teach a girl Teach a family. RKGITW received several merit awards for its performance."


Library has always been the backbone of learning, a treasure house for ardent readers. The College Library is armed with more than 20000 books for B.Tech and MBA students. It is furnished with audio-visual aids. It houses wide-range of books on Engineering & Technology, Management, Science and Literature along with journals, periodicals, conference proceedings, magazines & newspapers etc. to satiate the desires of every student.

The Computerized search system is an added feature of library to assist students in locating their information resource. The institute prides in offering the best learning resources to the students and providing access to more than 91 National and International Journals through Gale cengage learning (Infotrac Engineering Collection) consortium. The internet provides comprehensive information to students and faculty members. The long opening hours of the library enable the students to utilize its vast potential.

  • 5589
    Computer Science Books
  • 4408
    Information Technology Books
  • 3304
    Electrical & Electronics Books
  • 5048
    Electronics & Communication Books
  • 3539
    Applied Science Books
  • 3021
  • 22905